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Retail Product Lines

Did you know that Westfield Lighting Co. is not "just lighting?" Come visit our showroom and check out our wide variety of accessories, furniture, art, table lamps, floor lamps and more! Our displays change frequently, so shop often to catch up on the latest styles and trends.

We strive to carry one-of-a-kind accessories and furniture items so that your home can have its own unique flair. Along with employing some of the friendliest design-oriented salespeople in the Indianapolis area, we are the perfect destination for all of your home decorating needs.

For assistance with Retail Sales, please call:

May Ting
Retail Lighting Sales Manager
Ph: 317-763-5002

Mark Hutson
Retail Lighting Consultant
Ph: 317-763-5008

Michelle Alexander
Retail Lighting Consultant
Ph: 317-763-5007

Diane Overstreet
Retail Lighting Consultant
Ph: 317-763-5000