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Commercial Product Lines

Welcome to the Commercial Division of Westfield Lighting Company. We now offer a complete line of lighting products for all your commercial/industrial needs. We do product applications and energy audits. We design and lay out lighting electrical plans for your office buildings, apartment complexes, condominium developments, warehouses, hotels, parking lots or any business space with lighting needs.

We supply everything from street lights, commercial poles, bollards, T-bays, hi-bays, low-bays, canopy lights, flood lights, wall packs, recessed can lighting, industrial grade 2X2 or 2X4 fluorescent lay-ins, ballasts (e.g., electronic, magnetic, HID, compact fluorescent), track lighting, transformers, energy saving fixtures, RLM fixtures, exit and emergency lights and everything in between.

We also provide an assortment of lamps (bulbs). For example, we supply incandescent, fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent, LED and halogen bulbs. Most of these we carry in stock for your convenience.

GO GREEN with your commercial lighting fixtures and replace your incandescent bulbs with LED or compact fluorescent bulbs. When bulbs are replaced you save money by conserving energy use. We supply energy star certified lighting fixtures to help you attain this goal.

For assistance with the Commercial Division, please contact:

Carrie Granitto
Commercial Sales
Ph: 317-763-5005