5 Unusual Ceiling Fans

With warmer months on the horizon, it’s time to start cranking up those ceiling fans again! If you’re tired of the boring old wood paneled or brass ceiling fan, let us inspire you with some of these unusual ceiling fan options available in our online ceiling fan store.

1)      Bronze Beauty – This lovely ceiling fan doesn’t even have exterior blades! How’s that for different?! It offers the same cooling effect but with a more modern look. This style comes in either rubbed bronze or brushed nickel.

Modern Ceiling Fan







2)      Tropical Time – Add a hint of the tropics to your room with this beautiful fan with wide oval natural palm leaf blades. It’ll be just like you’re fanning yourself in the midst of the jungle!

ceiling fan





3)      Modern Mayhem – If you want a conversation piece for your room, why not install this modern ceiling fan that’s almost a work of art in itself? In striking white and with a minimalistic and sleek design, it can’t help but draw the eye!

Sleek ceiling fan








4)      One Blader – Ever seen a ceiling fan with only one blade? Well, now you have with this bold beauty with a very modern design with an inset light. You’ll have to let us know if it cools just as well as a fan with multiple blades.

 silver fan





5)      All Tied Up – Here’s another modern ceiling fan that we dare say is also a work of art. It looks a bit like the blades, of which there are only two, have been tied in a knot! This is also guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

Modern Fan

What do you think of our unusual ceiling fan options? Did you know ceiling fans can be a part of your design too? Browse our entire selection of ceiling fans, both modern and traditional in our online store

Simple Black Home Accessories and Lighting

Black is simply classic. You just can’t go wrong with a little black dress, nor can you go wrong with a little black chandelier or other fixture or home accessory. When you need an item to be simply stated, yet add a touch of class, consider integrating the color black.

Here are some of our favorite black lighting fixtures and home accessories:

Everyone needs a little black chandelier, and this is a great pick! We love its rounded shape and simple elegant design that still offers plenty of light with four candle bulbs.

Black chandelier








If you want to go glam, consider this classy wine table in ebony. With scalloped edges, this lovely table holds up to four wine glasses. Bring it out for your next social gathering and impress the guests!

Black wine table








Go modern with this unique pendant light in a flattened globe shape with textured black metal bands. Hang it over a dining room table, sitting area or any place you need to add a statement piece.

Modern black pendant light









Finally, we love this sleek black ceiling fan with just three stylized blades. We could see this in a modern work space or home office.

Modern black ceiling fan

Do you use the color black in your home? Have you got a little black chandelier?

To see more black chandeliers, visit our Houzz Ideabook and browse other black lighting fixtures and home accessories in our online lighting store.




Home Décor Do’s and Don’ts

home lightinghome lightingTrying to design a new home or give an existing home a fresh look? If you’re not an interior designer by trade, that might not come easy. We’ve got some tips to give you a head start on your home décor project by sharing some simple do’s and donts when it comes to interior design.

DO start the design of your room by ensuring you can find furniture and accessories in your chosen colors.


DON’T pick your paint color first. Once you’ve found the items that will make up the room, consider the paint color.


DO select one conversation piece. One interesting, out-of-the-ordinary piece per room should be sufficient. Otherwise, they will each take away from the other, eliminating a focal point.


DON’T forget to go a little glamorous. Even if it’s not your style, consider adding at least a little shine by using glass, metals, chandeliers and vases. They’ll help reflect the light around the room.


DO have a plan. Sites like Pinterest and Houzz can go a long way toward helping you build a board of what you do and don’t like.


DON’T buy items on a whim that don’t fit with your plan. A good deal is not a good deal if it’s an item you’ll ultimately never use.


DO use a variety of lighting fixtures to set the mood of a room. Consider dimmers and different heights and levels of lighting.


DON’T underestimate the importance of lighting to a room’s design. Be sure not to limit yourself to one main lighting source in each room.


DO mix and match. Have fun playing with different patterns, textures and colors. It adds interest and variety.


DON’T make everything match just perfectly in a room. It contributes to boredom with your room’s design over time.

What are your do’s and don’ts when it comes to design? DO be sure to visit us on Pinterest and Houzz for inspiring ideas for your home design project.


Go Green this St. Patrick’s Day: Home Accessories and Lighting in Shades from Emerald to Hemlock

While we’ve taken the opportunity of St. Patrick’s Day to share with you some of our favorite green lights and home accessories, you need not wait for this festive holiday to add a touch of green to your home. As we usher in spring with its green leaves and blooms, it’s the perfect time to use green as an accent to add a bit of life to any room.

Here are some of our green picks:

This delicate glass pendant light offers a background of green but with hints of coral, red, gray and white. It’s small enough to add just a touch of green to any setting be it above a breakfast nook or cozy sitting area.

home lighting








This deep green table lamp hearkens the Emerald Isle with its richness of color. From the shade to the base, this light is solid green. It would make a great accent amidst a neutral or white room for a splash of color. For more ways to add a pop of color to your room, view our Color Pop IdeaBook on Houzz.

home lighting








Add some light and some green to any room with this elegant and sleek floor lamp crafted in recycled woven plastic. Set on a chrome base, it’s from HOME Aimee, and due to handcrafting, no two lights are the same.

home lighting








Finally, we adore this whimsical green chest that looks like it came out of a scene from Alice in Wonderland. Its tapered shape gives it touch of whimsy, and the painted green and white stripes would be cute in any bedroom. We love it as a lingerie chest, as it’s just big enough to hold all your unmentionables J.

home lighting


Topiaries are also a great way to add some “life” to any room but without the care required of a living plant. View our blog on topiaries for inspiration.



Decorating Your Home with Pantone’s Spring 2014 Color Palette

In a previous blog post, we shared with you the lovely colors that make up the selections for Pantone’s color palette for spring 2014. From Easter shades of pastels to bold reds and blues, the selection gives you a lot of room to work with in your décor. We selected some of our favorite lighting and home accessories in shades of Pantone’s spring color choices:

Dazzling Blue

This set of oil paintings stretched on canvas over wood incorporates Dazzling Blue, one of the colors that make up the spring colors for 2014. A strong dominant color it brings to mind oceans and sapphires, both summery and elegant. These oil paintings can be a versatile piece of art to add this color into your décor for spring and summer and replace with an item that reflects fall and winter colors later in the year.

home lighting











Sunny Freesia

Add some sunshine to your home with the bright uplifting Freesia from Pantone. We love this simple pendant light that perfectly captures Freesia’s shade of yellow. It comes with a polished chrome finish and glass shade.

home lighting











Bright Celosia

The spring palette includes a soft shade of orange called Celosia. It pairs nicely with the blues and neutrals for spring. We picked this table lamp that is similar to Celosia’s shade, which is easy to add to any room and switch out for different seasons.

home lighting












Heavenly Hemlock

Lastly, we chose Hemlock, a pastel shade of green, to highlight. We can’t think of a better piece for spring than this delicately mouth-blown Venetian glass pendant shaped like a tulip and with hints of Hemlock. This item is made by some of the world’s finest glassmakers in Italy and comes in LED options.

home lighting












Which of the colors from Pantone will you incorporate into your décor?

To browse our entire online lighting store, visit www.westfieldlighting.com .



Nautical Lighting and Home Accessories for Spring and Summer

From the runways to the fashion mags to home design blogs, nautical is all the rage for spring and summer 2014. So you’re not left out of this popular trend, we’ve picked some of our favorite nautical lighting and home accessories from our store to share. Start browsing…

Here’s a delightful nautical pendant light with whimsical shells dotting the glass shade. Meticulously hand blown with three layers of glass, this light is a delicate little piece that works well in a breakfast room or bright and airy porch. Start dreaming of sandy toes and sea foam …

home lighting








This wall sconce harkens salty sea captains hoisting a lantern on a skipper above the roar of waves! The metal fixture features clear glass and is about 10 ½ inches high.

home lighting








Make like you’re looking out a porthole with this nautical mirror with a frame made of hand-woven hemp rope. The mirror has a 1 ¼ inch bevel and stands about 40 inches tall.

home lighting








Nothing gives you the feel of an ocean breeze, bright blue seas and sunny skies like this beautiful print of a canoe on the beach. Hang it on the wall and instantly relax!

home lighting








If you want to add just a hint of nautical to your room or want to complement an existing nautical theme, consider adding some light charms with a nautical theme. We carry light charms in sea horses, starfish, lighthouses and sailboats to name a few. Just hang them on your lights and add an instant design change, which can easily be switched out when the next season arrives:


home lighting

For more nautical themed lighting or home accessory ideas, take a look at our Nautical Board on Pinterest or our Nautical Idea Book on Houzz and be sure to follow us while you’re there! Ahoy Matey!


Add a Pop of Pink Lighting This Spring

It seems everywhere we turn, pink is the color of spring from the latest fashion reports to interior design. With Radiant Orchid selected as the color of the year, it’s no wonder this very similar shade is captivating hearts as we head into the season of flowers, mild weather and blue skies. With much of the country experiencing a brutal winter, pink is just the color we need to perk up!

Here are some of our pink lighting selections to add a pop of color to your room:

This cute little lamp from HGTV Home pairs hot pink with polished nickel. The spherical geometric base is made from glass with a simple white shade so as not to detract from the bubbly pink below.

home lighting








This little piece will give your room a pop in a hurry! A beaded pink chandelier, this lighting fixture could be a fun addition to a family room, bedroom or even outdoor area this spring.

home lighting








This pink pendant light was inspired by a sea urchin! Can you tell? Choose from variations with one- to –three lights. Wouldn’t this be fun in a dorm room, teenager’s room or game room? We think so!

home lighting








Finally, here is a pink crystal mini-chandelier with three candle lights. It manages to be elegant and jaw-dropping!


home lighting



Will you add touches of pink to your home this spring? How will you incorporate this cheerful color?

For more pink ideas for lighting, home accessories, ceiling fans and more, visit our Houzz IdeaBook “Pink – The Color of Spring” and be sure to follow us while you’re there!





The Colors of Spring 2014: From Pastels to Bold Purple, Red and Blue

home lightingWhile we wish spring had arrived, it hasn’t quite yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about it and begin planning for it! Pantone’s Spring 2014 Color Report shares the popular colors of the upcoming season and helps homeowners and interior designers begin planning their seasonal décor.

Pastels dominate in Pantone’s spring color report with light shades of blue, gray, orange and purple. Pops of color come from bright yellow Freesia, spicy Cayenne and Dazzling Blue. The colors were inspired by a mixture of blooming flowers and travels abroad, and designers selected this palette to “refresh, revive and defy” after a long, cold brutal winter.

“This season, consumers are looking for a state of thoughtful, emotional and artistic equilibrium,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “While this need for stability is reflected in the composition of the palette, the inherent versatility of the individual colors allows for experimentation with new looks and color combinations.”

The first three colors, Placid Blue, Violet Tulip and Hemlock, bring to mind a colorful flower set against a pale blue sky with Hemlock adding in a touch of the green. Violet Tulip is a bit of a vintage color, while Hemlock can be used as a neutral and works well as an accent. Each can be paired with a more vibrant color for a fashionable look. The Pantone Color Institute selected Sand, a warm shade, which evokes imagery of the beach and a carefree attitude, along with the gray Paloma, as the season’s neutrals.

The more bold colors of the palette, which add energy, include spicy Cayenne, a “high-pitched red,” the bright yellow tropical Freesia and the uplifting and sophisticated Celosia Orange. Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s Color of the Year, along with Dazzling Blue, complete the selections and are stronger versions of Violet Tulip and Placid Blue.

Which of these colors is your favorite? You can vote here. Stay tuned for our next blog post where we’ll show you some home accessories and lighting fixtures in these fun shades.


Fun Lights for Your Pool or Billiards Table

Are you a fan of billiards? So much so that you’ve got your very own pool table? We’ve got the perfect way to light it up (after all, you need to be able to see properly to win!). Check out these fun lights designed to hang over pool tables and game tables:

Here’s a beautiful Tiffany stained glass island light with a Victorian look that your better half might even like! Since it takes LED bulbs, it’ll save you money and look great, to boot. It is 44 inches wide.

home lighting








We love the sleek look of black combined with the look of the billiard balls on this fun ceiling light. It also takes LED bulbs for cost savings and offers full scale dimming.

home lighting








Here’s another really clever light with billiard balls hanging in the rack above the lights. It offers three separate lights within the fixture for maximum lighting, as well as LED and full dimming abilities.

home lighting








This island ceiling light focuses the illumination through one light and features the lone 8 ball atop the fixture. It’s classic and elegant in design and stands 14 inches high.

home lighting


We have so many more clever, fun and designer options for lighting for billiard tables on our online lighting store. Browse them and tell us your favorite!


Lighting Trends for 2014

A new year means new trends to follow in everything from fashion to interior design. We’ve scoured the web and the top designers and compiled these top lighting trends for 2014:

Industrial Lighting Fixtures

The industrial look remains big in 2014, using materials like metal, concrete, timber and more in lighting fixtures. We’re also starting to see some mixing of metals with color to give it a more vibrant look. This metal wrapped pendant light is one example of an industrial light fixture that we love here at Westfield Lighting:

home lighting









Artistic Ceiling Fans

Why have an ugly ceiling fan hanging over your head, when it can add, instead of detract, from your room’s design? Artistic ceiling fans will be increasing this year with modern styles that draw the eye like this sleek satin nickel fan.

home lighting







Eco-Friendly Lighting

The trend toward energy efficient lighting continues with even more styles and options available in 2014 for eco-friendly lighting. We offer a broad selection of LED light fixtures like this one:

pendant light








Mood Lighting

Mood lighting is expected to gain in popularity this year, which includes lighting fixtures whose goal is to set a certain “mood” in a particular room. For example, these IMAGEO TableLights give off a soft colored glow, creating a romantic lighting effect.

home lighting








Glamorous Lights with Minimalist Design

Glamour is hot, which we’ve covered in past blogs about adding Hollywood glam to your home. Glamour continues into 2014 but the focus shifts to simplistic designs that still convey elegance. This crystal chandelier is not over the top with its sleek design, offering tapered beveled crystals set in metal wings with a silver leaf finish.

home lighting








Black Pendants and Chandeliers

As we mentioned in a previous blog about trends in chandeliers, black chandeliers are definitely “in”. This trend also extends to black pendant lights, as well. Black is sleek, sophisticated and never goes out of style! Check out this black pendant below:

Black pendant light