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About Us

Westfield Lighting Company was founded in late 1977 by Phillip K. Montgomery. "Monty" was a well known electrical contractor, having been in business for over twenty-five years. Mike Hutson, his grandson, graduated high school that same year and had been employed by Jones & Montgomery Electric for several years while attending school. 1978 found Mike enrolled in the Purdue School of Engineering at the IUPUI campus, with the hopes of earning his electrical engineering degree. Unfortunately life sometimes intervenes, and later that same year Monty suffered an accident which, after a brief hospitalization, took his life. With an electrical career seemingly ended, Mike and his father Jim Hutson began an adventure together that would last for the next twenty-five years and beyond.

Buying the fledgling lighting company, Jim and Mike began a partnership that only a select few have ever had the privilege to experience; a father and son working side by side. Relying on basic fundamental business principles, (treat your customer more than fairly, maintain good common sense and keep a solid work ethic) WLC shook off the new business woes and eventually flourished. Without the clout to borrow money in the early years, Jim and Mike learned how to self finance, and the company has operated debt free to this day.

Time, the great equalizer of us all, meant that the day of Jim’s retirement was eventually going to come. That day was in September 2004. Jim and his wife Glee, another rock at WLC, sold their part of the business to Mike, said their goodbyes and headed off to a warmer climate. Jim’s vision and inspiration led the company through many trying years and molded Mike into the businessman that he has become today.

Mike and his wife Nancy now own and operate the company with the same philosophy that the business was founded upon. Mike intends for Westfield Lighting to be the type of place it always has been: a small family run company that is a place just as good for the employees as it is for the clientele. With a great staff, skill, determination and honesty, Westfield Lighting Company is exactly that kind of place.

"Small business has been the backbone of America since the very beginning. Our company is not remarkable from that standpoint, and while the future is always unknown, with faith in God Westfield Lighting Company promises to be the kind of business that the employees, local community and all our customers can be proud to call their own." – J Michael Hutson